WebGL NYC Meetup

We’ve been pushing the limit of WebGL for a while now with our Tangram map-rendering engine. Binging on open source and open data we’ve opened entirely new worlds of interactivity, flexibility, control, and let’s not forget Tron. Who would have thought a map could reach new heights beyond a khaki-colored navigation base?

On Tuesday, Brett Camper and Peter Richardson from our Tangram team get down and dirty with WebGL map display and interactivity at the NYC WebGL meet-up. If you’re doing anything requiring location (and umm… in this day and age, how could you not?) or interested in how to make these new worlds, come! RSVP! We want to hear from you.

The deets: Tuesday Jan 26th, 6:30pm | BioDigital Inc, 594 Broadway Suite 1101 | And there’s even a map for that.