The Mapzen suite of open source software and open data projects have all your XYZ covered.



Get everything you need to use Mapzen projects in your web applications.


Get everything you need to use Mapzen designed basemaps and icons in your applications.

Tangram rendering

Render 2D and 3D maps with fine control over the map-making process.

Tilezen vector tiles

Display the world with the latest open data using vector tiles.

Terrain tiles

Add open elevation data to your applications with raster terrain tiles.

Search & Mobility

Pelias geocoder

Find places and addresses with the Pelias geographic search service.

Valhalla routing engine

Add planetwide routing and navigation with Valhalla to your web and mobile applications.


Add worldwide public-transit support to Valhalla. Build apps, visualizations, and analyses.


Who's On First gazetteer

Get administrative boundaries and hierarchies for countries, regions, counties, localities, neighbourhoods, postal codes, venues, and other places.

Metro Extracts

Download manageable, city-sized portions of OpenStreetMap data.

Elevation Service

Request digital elevation model (DEM) data from around the world.

Libpostal address parsing

Parse and expand address data with the libpostal engine.

Legacy Guides

Get started

Get started developing on the Mapzen platform by setting up your account, API keys, and billing information.

Developer guides

Set up your development environment with these general guides.

Mobile SDKs

Android SDK

Add Mapzen maps and location services to your Android apps.


Add Mapzen maps and location services to your iOS apps.