Mapzen Places API for Android

Check out Mapzen Android SDK version 1.3.0. Not only does it contain bug fixes and performance improvements, but also introduces the Mapzen Places API for Android with place autocomplete, place picker, and place details!

Mapzen Android SDK

Today we are announcing version 1.3.0 of the Mapzen Android SDK.

This release includes performance improvements and bugfixes for graphics, search, routing, and location services.

It also contains a number of new features including:

  • Curved map labels
  • New SceneUpdate interface for making changes to the map stylesheet at runtime
  • Scene file parsing peformance improvements (up to 10x faster)
  • Compass widget map overlay
  • Zoom buttons map overlay
  • Centralized Mapzen API key management

Compass & Zoom Btns

For a full list of changes check out the release notes.

As always the Mapzen Android SDK can be easily included in any Android app using Gradle.

dependencies {
  compile 'com.mapzen:mapzen-android-sdk:1.3.0'

Mapzen Places API

This release of the Mapzen Android SDK also introduces the new Mapzen Places API for Android.

The Mapzen Places API for Android combines Mapzen maps and geocoding into a seamless search experience to help you access open location information for places all around the world.

Place autocomplete

The Place Autocomplete API provides a search UI component that you can integrate into your app with a few lines of code. It is highly customizable and can be configured to only return search results with a precise address or results that are business establishments.

It can also be configured to be presented as an overlay or as a fullscreen component. When the user selects a result you will receive a callback with rich information about the selected place.

Place autocomplete

Place picker

The Place Picker API combines the Place Autocomplete API with a map to allow place selection from multiple UI components.

Like the Place Autocomplete API, it is easily customizable and provides you with a full set of details about the selected place.

Place picker

Place details

If you do not need a UI component but would like to receive place detail information, you can use the GeoData API to programmatically query for autocomplete results.

This API also allows for result filtering and returns place information with the same set of rich data used by the autocomplete widget and place picker.

For more information please refer to the Mapzen Places API for Android documentation.

The Mapzen Places API for Android is available as a standalone library that can be included in your application by itself or alongside the Mapzen Android SDK.

dependencies {
  compile 'com.mapzen:mapzen-places-api:1.3.0'

Let us know what you think!