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Mapzen project updates December 2019

New releases for everyone!

'/v1/search'ing for the Road Ahead

What's next for search, geocoding, and Pelias

Mapzen Search Explorer

Dig into the Mapzen Search and Autocomplete APIs with the Mapzen Search Explorer!

Hosted Services are Hard (and So Can You!)

Mapzen Search is almost 2 years old! Break out your party hats and noise makers!

Geocoding for Polyglots

We now support transliterated names, not only in the input query, but the output results as well, thanks to geodisambiguation.

Searching the Summer

I opened that box on a map with a magnifying glass icon, and uncovered five importers, three microservices, and hundreds of Node modules. I was in awe.

Everything you wanted to know about Mapzen Search endpoints but were afraid to ask

Let's start at the beginning and learn all the different types of search capabilities and when and how to use them.

Optimizing Stops

Using Mapzen Optimized Routing to solve the "Traveling Salesman" problem with multiple people.