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Mapzen Places is here! And there! And everywhere.

Get geometries, hierarchies, statistics and more with the Mapzen Places API.

Get more for less with 512 pixel tiles

Same Mapzen basemaps, now with 75% fewer Flex calories. Want dessert? Lick the icing off our new 260 and 516 pixel buffered terrain tiles!

Welcoming Mapzen Places and Libpostal to Mapzen Flex

Who's On First data is getting easier to use as Mapzen Places comes to Flex, along with Libpostal!

Map Matching is ready to Flex

We're excited to release Mapzen Map Matching, the latest addition to the Mapzen Mobility services. Our Map Matching service takes in a trajectory of latitude/longitude coordinates and returns back a route line that is snapped to the OpenStreetMap road network and enriched with attributes, like speed limits and freeway exit signs.

Mapzen Flex expands your travel horizons!

Timed-distance matrix, Isochrone, Optimized route and Elevation services are coming to Mapzen Flex.

May Day Mapping

Mappers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your too-complicated pricing tiers. All apps are equal! All users are equal!

Introducing Mapzen Flex

We’re excited to introduce Mapzen Flex, with simple, transparent pricing