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Hosted Services are Hard (and So Can You!)

Mapzen Search is almost 2 years old! Break out your party hats and noise makers!

Street address interpolation

Filling in the gaps in open address data.

Unearthing CircleCI artifacts

Horsin' around with CircleCI to build a website preview tool.

Fixing Routing with Map Roulette

Fixing unreachable routes by unswitching ways using Maproulette.

A Routing Engine Of One’s Own: DIY Valhalla

Get a copy of Mapzen’s powerful Valhalla routing engine running on your own in just five minutes

Ladders for Leaders, Summer 2016

Everything is even better than what I imagined when I first got an email for a phone interview with Mapzen through the NYC Ladders to Leaders summer internship program

VPC Architecture - Bridging Regions

Using Openswan to cross connect AWS VPCs in multiple regions

Large-scale Map Matching with Meili

Correlate Location Sequences to the OSM Route Network