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Mapping the ages of buildings in Seoul

Mapping the age of buildings in Seoul with Tangram, TileStache, QGIS and turf.js.

Customize Your Search

Make Your Own [Geocoder]. Or should we call it the search box?

Lots of Dots

Make Your Own [Dots]. Lots and lots of dots.

Meet Mapzen at CES

Eureka! Mapzen is at CES, come on by to say hi and talk mapping, data, and tools.

Interactive Mapping with Tangram

Bring your map sandwich to life with Tangram interactions.

Put A Label On It

Make Your Own [Labels]. When in doubt, put a label on it.

Terrain Generalization

Generalization blending is a way to solve two problems at once – terrain data contains small details which aren't necessary for understanding the shape and location of important features, but basic simplification methods such as blurring are applied everywhere indiscriminately.

Filters and Functions

In which we continue our exploration of mapzen.js and the Tangram scene file to look at data filtering and custom styles with JavaScript.