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Themes come to Mobile!

Our Mobile SDKs on Android and iOS now support easy customizable color, label, and detail level themes across all our style sheets!

Mapzen Places API for Android

Introducing version 1.3.0 of the Mapzen Android SDK and the Mapzen Places API for Android

Mapzen Android SDK 1.2

Vector tiles 1.0, unified API keys, multilingual turn-by-turn, and more now available on Android.

Open source location services on Android with Lost 2.0

Staying on point with background location updates, geofences, and more

Mapzen Search for Android

The Mapzen Android SDK provides developers with an easy way to integrate Mapzen Search into their Android apps

Making Better Maps with Tangram on Android

Android maps just got even better with the Mapzen SDK, Tangram and MapzenMap$getMapController()

Announcing version 1.1 of the Mapzen Android SDK

Check out what's new in Android at Mapzen