Valhalla Map Matching

The Valhalla Map Matching service takes noisy GPS traces and snaps it to a road, helping your data make sense for routing and analysis. Trace attributes provide detailed information about what to expect on the route ahead, including speed limits, exit signs, tolls and so much more. Results from the map matching service can be used to power many applications, from GPS fitness trackers to heads-up navigation displays.


  • Correct your GPS data. Bring imprecise GPS points to nearby roads and paths. Compensate for urban canyons and trees.
  • Analyze the route ahead. Learn what your route’s speed limits, elevation grade, and other road information to improve route performance.
  • Improve OpenStreetMap. We provide as much information as possible to help you understand the source of any routes that cannot be matched, and how you may be able to fix for yourself and others in OpenStreetMap.

Learn more about the nuances of Map matching, trace_attributes and trace_routes in this blog post.

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View the Map matching documentation for implementation details.