Announcing Unified API Keys

Peace of Westphalia

The Keys of Westphalia

We’ve made Mapzen API keys simpler and easier to use this week.

If you’ve used our services in the past, you might recall having to create separate API keys for each service: a key for Search, a key for Turn-by-Turn, and another for Vector Tiles. For a complex project, you might have had to juggle as many as a half-dozen keys. Starting today, we’re unifying our API keys across services so you just need a single key for a project. Any API key will work for all Mapzen services.

In addition, your existing keys now grant access to all services, so you won’t need to go back and change your work.

This change should be completely transparent to you. Each service still has separate rate limits. If you’ve talked to us about your project and we’ve customized your API rate limits, you will still be able to use the custom rate limits we’ve set. Head to to get started using our services!

Note: This post was updated on 20 September 2016 to clarify that existing keys work for all services, too.