Mapzen on Tizen

Maps aren’t just for browsers and mobile anymore. Are you wearing a watch? Or looking at a TV? Now Mapzen can be there too — we’re happy to announce that the Tizen OS includes Mapzen as a map provider.

What is Tizen?

Tizen is an open-source operating system hosted by the Linux Foundation. Samsung Electronics is a significant contributor to Tizen, which it uses to power its smart TVs, smart watches, a growing variety of IoT devices, and phones worldwide. As Samsung moves to connect all its products to the internet we expect to see Tizen in more and more interesting devices.

Mapzen loves the open-source philosophy behind Tizen. Until now, HERE maps has been the only mapping option for developers in their applications. We’ve been working closely with the Tizen platform team at Samsung to bring our open mapping services to the core Tizen OS. With the launch of Tizen 3.0, Mapzen is now part of the core “Tizen Common,” used to power all types of hardware.

Tizen Common

How to get started

The Tizen version 3 API lets you geocode, reverse geocode, calculate routes, search for places and view map widgets. Just sign up for a Mapzen API key and declare Mapzen as a map provider, and you’re there.

We’re excited to see you get Mapzen up on your wall, on your wrist, or even in your car! Let us know what you make! No matter where you go, there you are.