Refill Themes - Part 2

On Tuesday this week, we introduced you to Refill themes. Today we’d like to continue to the dark color themes in the series. See all three variations below:



Venice in Refill

Dark Refill themes include inverted, purple-green, and gray-gold. Inverted is a high-contrast reversed version of the original (black) Refill. Purple-green introduces bolder colors to the dark theme. Gray-gold is muted in its darks and lights, leaving more range of color play from light to dark for data visualization overlays.



Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai

Oriental Pearl Tower in Refill



Columbus Circle in New York

Columbus Circle in Refill



Plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza in Seville

Plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza in Refill



Alipore Zoological Gardens in Kolkata

Alipore Zoological Gardens in Refill



Champs-Élysées in Paris

Champs-Élysées in Refill


( These maps are interactive! Open full screen ➹ )

Let there be color

It’s easy to set a theme color after importing Refill in Tangram – just import the basemap and add a few lines! The Cartography docs include the following examples.

NOTE: Order matters when importing Tangram YAML files – first import the basemap style, then import themes. You’ll also need to fully qualify the URL for each import as imports are relative to the Tangram scene file’s base URL (not the first import’s base URL).

Set the required Mapzen API key to access vector tiles and import one of the theme colors:

Example Tangram YAML usage:

    # basemap style
    # recolor basemap style with a theme color
    # other imports to taste...

    sdk_mapzen_api_key: mapzen-xxxxxx
    # are 3d buildings casting too dark a shadow on your map?
    # show 2d building footprints instead (optional)
    sdk_building_extrude: false

NOTE: As Mapzen’s basemaps are still in active development we recommend peggging an import to a specific MAJOR version, eg: 7, so you enjoy any minor and patch updates but are ensured of stable named scene elements.

Example Tangram JS usage:

var layer = Tangram.leafletLayer({
        scene: {
          import: [
          global: { 'sdk_mapzen_api_key': 'mapzen-xxxxxx', 'sdk_building_extrude': 'false' } },
        attribution: '<a href="" target="_blank">Tangram</a>, &copy; OSM contributors'

If you’re using mapzen.js:

var map ='map', {
  center: [40.8041, -124.1506],
  zoom: 15,
  maxZoom: 20,
  tangramOptions: {
    scene: {
      import: [
      global: { 'sdk_mapzen_api_key': 'mapzen-xxxxxx', 'sdk_building_extrude': 'false' }
    } }

Tangram ES and Mapzen Android and iOS SDK support is coming soon.

Happy mapping!