Themes come to Mobile!

We’ve been hard at work on the Mobile team preparing a bunch of new features. We’d like to highlight a few of them for you today!


As you might already know, Themes are a way to easily customize your Tangram maps without diving into the YAML style sheets. Our Mobile SDKs on Android and iOS now support color, label, and detail level themes across all our styles.

We’ll be continuing to upgrade the functionality in these areas as we add additional theme options to our house styles, so keep an eye here and on our iOS and Android Github releases for more information!

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Custom Style Sheets (Experimental)

One of the biggest requests we’ve heard from our customers is to be able to support custom style sheets in our Mobile SDKs. Our work on themes has laid the groundwork for this customization in your iOS and Android applications. Note that this support is experimental and will likely change as we evolve the API, but we’re releasing it early to gather feedback from the community. Take a look at it on iOS and Android and let us know your thoughts by opening a Github issue!

512 Pixel Tile Support

As part of most Mobile SDK releases, we’ve upgraded the Mapzen style sheets and Tangram-es to their latest respective versions, thus enabling 512 pixel vector tile support. Take a look at the blog post about how to enable this functionality.

Note that this functionality is opt-in, and that you can do so at run time by using our scene update functionality. In the future we’ll be making this an option available on our custom style sheet functionality.

If you’re using the built-in Mapzen style sheets, this functionality is already enabled for you - no work needs to be done!

Get started

There are many more feature enhancements, upgrades, and bug fixes in the works and on the way. Feel free to check out the latest releases for our Android and iOS repositories. As always, if you have any questions, reach out at or open a github issue in the appropriate repo!