Mapzen Search for Android

The Mapzen Android SDK provides developers with an easy way to integrate Mapzen Search into their Android applications.

Mapzen Search is a modern, geographic search service based entirely on open-source tools and powered entirely by open data. You might use this functionality in any app that has a geographic element, including ones that deliver goods, locate hotels or venues, or even provide local weather forecasts.

image via Charles Clegg, CC BY-SA 2.0

image via Charles Clegg, CC BY-SA 2.0

Mapzen Search is powered by the Pelias open source geocoder project. Similarly, the Mapzen Android SDK makes use of the open source Pelias Android SDK library. The Pelias Android SDK provides a convenient interface to the Mapzen Search API and is built using popular networking components like OkHttp and Retrofit.

The Android SDK supports full text search, autocomplete, and reverse geocoding. Or you can use PeliasSearchView, a drop-in extension to the Android SearchView component that supports search and autocomplete out of the box. There is also a convenient interface to show search results on a Mapzen map.

Don’t forget to grab a free Mapzen API key before you get started. Also you can check out the docs for the Mapzen Android SDK and the SDK demo app.

Make sure to check back tomorrow when we talk about mobile routing and navigation with Mapzen Turn-by-Turn.