Maps Camp at the United Nations

The United Nations. Home of world cooperation, respect, peace… and open maps!! So we are heading there again! Last year we hosted State of the Map US there, and the Summer of 2016 has us co-hosting the largest ever open community conference the world has ever seen. So of course, we’ll be there. And we want you there too!


Come to Maps Camp at the United Nations. (photo by @burritojustice)

We welcome you to Maps Camp on July 9th, 2016 at the United Nations. We’ll be part of the mappers contigency as OpenCamps, a series of 30+ camps that bring together 6,000+ attendees excited about open source communities. Along with Mapbox, Esri, CartoDB, and OpenStreetMap US we are thrilled to be a part of this event.

Maps Camp will be a full day of talks, panels, and workshops with leaders from a range of open mapping communities. From government agencies to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team, from Mapillary to Colorado visitors, we’ll all be there to discuss mapping in open source. We’ll talk the history of GPS (yay!), open philosophies and how you really make community. There will also be representatives from Mapzen on hand to answer any questions you have about our tools. Ohh, and food.

Interested in giving a lightning talk about what you’re working on? There will be time for that, too! Whether you’re new to mapping or a seasoned geospatial professional, come on over – register at the Maps Camp website. You can also talk to us in 140 character or less (or more) on @maps_camp, via email at, or through the Maps Camp GitHub repo. We hope to see you there!