Make your first Tangram map

Make this 3D map in the tutorial

Beautiful cartography. Animation. Shading. 3D buildings showered in glitter? Yes! All these and many other design techniques are possible with Mapzen’s Tangram map rendering engine.

Be on your way to authoring 2D and 3D maps with Tangram by following a new tutorial. In the lesson, you will build a simple Tangram map and learn how to change its appearance by modifying a few lines of text.

A human-readable text file (a scene file), organizes all the styling elements needed to draw a Tangram map. Editing the scene enables fine control over almost every aspect of cartography, including symbols, colors, lighting, and feature labels.

After you update the scene file and finish styling your Tangram map, you will learn how to upload it to the web using the free GitHub Pages hosting service, allowing you to share your work with others.

You can find the tutorial at