The Kids at Mapzen

Mapzen is not your typical startup. This is reflected in our philosophy, but more importantly by the people who work here.

But sometimes we even surprise ourselves – as we got closer to Take Your Kids to Work Day, we started counting how many kids the 46 of us at Mapzen have: we were kind of amazed to learn there are 30! And 4 grandkids! This is pretty high for a startup. For TYKTWD, many of us brought our kids to our offices and made some maps.


Map by my son

Looking for some map activities for your kids, at work or at home? Consider printing out these Refill maps, grab some markers, and use them as coloring books!

refill-west refill-east

Or better yet, let them make their own map in Tangram Play! (The color pickers in the in styles make it easy to change things on maps.)


The Who’s on First spelunker is a great way for kids to learn about places, borders, and hierarchies. Be sure to click on the random place button!


Maps are great for kids every day, not just today. Let us know what your kids make!