Introducing Tangram Work

It’s been almost two months since we launched our Tangram scene editor, Tangram Play. We’ve learned a lot from our users during this time. One thing we’ve heard loud and clear is that our web-based interface did not meet the needs of our power users. So, starting today, we are rebranding Tangram Play to Tangram Work, designed completely for the enterprise user in mind.

Tangram Work has been completely redesigned to look and feel as professional and powerful as possible, based on decades of user research and cutting edge interface design. Much of the same functionality from Tangram Play has been ported directly to Tangram Work, but now you can look like you are doing real work instead of messing around on the internet.

Tangram Work in action!

We’re also incredibly proud to introduce Globey, our new, friendly productivity helper who will be your personal mapping assistant as you build new scenes with Tangram. Be sure to give Globey a try today!

It's Globey!

With this pivot to Tangram Work, we won’t immediately remove Tangram Play. However, you can use Tangram Work immediately! Tangram Work is a downloadable desktop application that can run on Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux platforms.

Download now

While you can run it yourself, we recommend that you only install it with the permission and assistance of your organization’s IT staff. (Please note: we are not yet a registered developer on the Apple and Microsoft platforms. For Mac OS X, you may need to Control-click on the app to allow it to run. For Windows 10, if you see “Windows protected your PC”, click “More info” then “Run anyway”. )

As usual, we are open to your feedback and we thank you for trusting in Mapzen, your mapping solutions provider for over twenty years. Let us know what you think of the new Tangram Work!