Government and OSM

The State of the Map US conference at the United Nations Headquarters is in NYC June 6-8. It’s not too late to sign up to attend — the deadline has been extended to Wednesday, June 3 by NOON EASTERN SO HURRY! As an incentive, we are highlighting the talks by your friends at Mapzen. You definitely won’t want to miss Alyssa Wright’s panel on Government and OSM on Caturday June 6 at 12:15.

Is OpenStreetMap just a pretty map for hippy business academics and libertarian developers until the government – our real social structure – takes notice? How is the OSM community weaving this “social fabric”? Are we ready? What type of government rabble rouser is taking notice of the OSM inevitability? And what are the needs, challenges and opportunities that these revolutionaries encounter? Is it just cost? Is it service to the public good? This is a panel that takes OpenStreetMap into our real, civic, and most important world. If you pay taxes, you need to be here.

Alyssa does business at a company that makes things. And she helped plan this conference. Obviously you need to come to the one panel she thought important enough to host.