Unboxing Bubble Wrap

We’d like to introduce you to Bubble Wrap, the fresh new cartography from Mapzen. This signature map style joins Refill, Zinc, and Cinnabar and is featured in Eraser Map, our privacy-focused Android application. (We’d love for you to join our Android beta program — sign up here.)

Explore Bubble Wrap in this interactive map, and keep reading for a visual diary of our experiments, iterations, and outtakes.

( This map is interactive! Open full screen ➹ )


Intro Grid Grid Grid Grid Grid Grid Grid Grid Dot Areas Airports Buildings Buildings Dot Density Buildings Expanding Roads Labels Landuse Roads Dot Icons Icons Label hierarchy Label hierarchy Rivers Rivers Water Boundaries Water Boundaries Water Boundaries Coastlines Rail Rail Landuse Roads Steps


Labels Labels Highway Shields Labels Labels More buildings and platforms


Building colors Building errors Building transition Platforms


Piers Ski runs Gondola Ski runs Icons Icons