Mapping from the Brussels Waffle House

Mapzen has made landfall in the land of waffles, beer and french fries (aka frites) to further support two of the most important mapping conferences of the year. No, we didn’t join the 27 heads of government at the European Commission State of the Union address (at least not this year). We were busy. But we ARE here and sponsoring the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Summit on Thursday, September 22nd and the International State of the Map (SOTM) conference on Friday through Monday, September 23rd-26th.

Come find us!! We want to hear from you!! We also want to give you the latest Null Island T-shirt!!

We’ll have a table at SOTM with people to answer your questions, stickers to decorate your computer, and null island t-shirts to complete your mapping wardrobe. Limited supply only (aka what we could carry on a plane).

Julian will be doing a lightning talk about the history of Denmark and Sweden’s power struggle as captured by a geocoding mistake. Check twitter for the time of the talk! BORNHOLM!

And I, Alyssa, will be joining all the OpenStreetMap US board members to talk about OpenStreetMap and the real deal of getting shit done. Also called “The Real McCoy,” you can find it all on Saturday at 3pm, Auditorium A. The Real McCoy is talking the approach to community events, communication strategies, innovation education and (get this) MONEY. OpenStreetMap US is one of the largest, most successful local open source communities. Learn how it works.

Open geo data is the foundation of ALL of Mapzen’s services. If you’re in Brussels, come to our table and learn what that means for your work. And if you’re afar, contact us to learn more. Or tweet with an emoji. We like that too.

preview image via Nathan Gray